New Weapon Google in Smartphone Market

Xiaomi's latest budget-friendly phone drops plastic for beautiful metal and doesn't compromise too much on its specs. It comes packing a huge 4,100mAh battery, which Xiaomi claims improves upon the Redmi 2's talk time by 80 percent. Like most Xiaomi handsets, the Redmi 3 will come with dual-SIM capabilities. Based on our experiences with the company's previous phones, we expect that it'll support 4G networks everywhere except the US. That means that if you're an American thinking of getting one, you'll be limited to mostly 3G connectivity. The phone was released in China today for the bargain price of 699 yuan, which converts to around $105, £75 and AU$155. Unfortunately, China is where the phone is currently officially limited to, though we expect to eventually see it being sold throughout the rest of Asia and in emerging markets like Brazil, where Xiaomi currently has presence.
For those particularly keen on getting the Redmi 3, my advice would be to hold off until Xiaomi launches it for the English speaking market. This will ensure that the phone comes with Google services installed, as most Android phones in China do not come with Google apps such as Gmail and Maps.